Beyond the student protests lies a bigger struggle against deeply rooted oppression

Oppression is evident in how a person is perceived, treated and received in the contemporary world. It oozes through the embodiment of powerlessness in spaces of power, in unequal treatment, in self-deprecating humour and social exclusion. This is worth remembering as the world watches South Africa’s university students protest about fee increases and a range of … Read more

Justice in the World

“Justice in the World” is the document produced by the 1971 Synod of Bishops, dealing with the issue of justice and liberation of the poor and oppressed. It called for more countries to share their power and for wealthy nations to consume less. It makes up a part of official Catholic social teaching. It was written by … Read more

An end to this soft bigotry against the Arab world

Issandr El Amrani ( The west must revise its low expectations as Moroccans and other Arab peoples speak their minds   There is a phrase coined in 2004 by Michael Gerson, a speechwriter for George W Bush best-known for having come up with “axis of evil”, that I’ve always liked. In a speech about education, he … Read more